Tired of seeing your
brand being discounted?
Don’t know who those resellers are?

You’ve worked hard to build your brand’s online presence from the ground up. Don’t let others piggyback on your strong brand name and successful product listings. Market Defense will remove all unauthorized sellers from your listings, eliminating the counterfeiters and discounters that are cutting into your profits and growth.


Online Brand Protection

We will help you overcome roadblocks like the gray market, discounters, poor reputation, suspended listings and more so you can be stress-free and focused on growth.

Unauthorized Sellers Removal

We remove unauthorized resellers from selling, discounting & inaccurately portraying your brand image so you can stay in control of what’s yours.

Account Management

We will continue to manage your brand moving forward to ensure you are never again met with defense concerns, lacking optimization, or mismanaged accounts.

Inventory Management

We manage your full Amazon inventory of products across all of your e-commerce sites to ensure you’re always in stock and never overstocked.

Amazon Marketing

We will provide you with comprehensive marketing strategies, resources, and tools in a personalized, customizable way.

Data Analysis

We will provide comprehensive data analytics so you can know your brand’s positioning, foundation, potential, and steps for growth.

Defend your position.
Cultivate your business.
Unlock your growth.

Stop letting your business fall prey to bad reputation, poor visibility, and authorization concerns. Stop holding yourself back from growth. Market Defense will stand: behind you to drive you forward, in front of you to protect you, and next to you as a partner in your development.

Let us be your e-commerce concierge – get white glove service for your entire
Amazon account from knowledgeable, passionate professionals.

Choose a defense partner

with the history of expertise

and forethought for growth.

The Market Defense team has been through it before. We know what it’s like to feel trapped in your Amazon identity. We have the experience to push you forward, and the training and skill set to put your brand at the forefront of optimization and development.

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