Your Amazon Defense Partner.

Our Mission

We attack online diversion, using our proven experience to return confidence, control and margin back to our brand partners through highly aligned solutions, insights and innovations designed to fully manage the Amazon marketplace and beyond by putting the brand’s needs first.



  • Enforce & monitor pricing polices like MAP/MSRP
  • Remove unauthorized sellers
  • Fight grey market diverters
  • Protect your Trademark & IP


  • Improve online reputation
  • Analyze your competition
  • Perform merchandising audits
  • Elevate your listings


  • Boost visibility locally and globally
  • Identify opportunities
  • Provide customer service aligned with your brand
  • Increase sales with marketing strategies

We promise to control your online brand image the way YOU want towards stable growth.

About Us

We are a competitive, driven team of consultants who care about our clients. Every client we work with is facing a similar problem: their Amazon brand isn’t portrayed the way they want it.

But they aren’t sure where to begin or how to get going. They know that change is needed… but they don’t know the “what, why, or how.”

Market Defense is the “who” to answer those questions for them.

We deal with everything from top to bottom, beginning to end. Your customer’s experience is as important to us as it is to you. So we’ve built a series of services with 100% customer satisfaction at the forefront, with your brand’s focus and mission as our driving force.

Market Defense leads the battle to fight off your Amazon brand’s “detractors.” We are on the defensive, protecting and fortifying your brand by controlling your Amazon presence, protecting from infringement, fighting poor reputation and guiding reseller policies.

We are also on the offensive, moving forward full-force by optimizing product listings, boosting visibility, enhancing marketing campaigns, managing accounts and inventory, stabilizing pricing structure, providing brand analytics, managing transactions and returns, and handling your customer service.


Brand Expansion
Pricing Management
Infringement Protection
Marketing Optimization

Our Team

Chad Annis       
   Founder & CEO

Chad Annis
Founder & CEO

Problem solving is at the core of what makes Chad tick. Pioneering new methods and challenging the status quo is how he became an early leader in the brand protection business focusing on the Amazon channel. His early success as an entrepreneur and prestige website owner & operator fueled his desire to take on one of the biggest challenges in retail …out Amazon-ing Amazon. The team he has built shares his vision of leveling the playing field for brands small and large and his passion for focusing on the relationship first radiates from each of his team. “Put the brand and their needs first, and the rest takes care of itself”. He never gives up …and he seems to always find a way to accomplish a win-win.

Ron Garmon CFO

Ron Garmon

Ron Garmon is a Principal at Silver Crane Advisors, LLC where he assists companies in monetizing their Data and Intellectual Property. Ron brings over 25 years of international executive management experience and extraordinary depth and understand to the issue of managing and monetizing ideas in domestic and international environments.

Prior to Sliver Crane Advisors served as Founder, CEO and COO of VueLogic and was responsible for leading the company’s overall business strategy and guiding day-to-day operations. He led the sale of VueLogic to Inmar in 2012 and served as Senior Vice President of Analytics for Inmar during the transition where he was responsible for establishing Inmar’s strategy and operations for its Analytics division. Ron’s commitment to improving consumers experience and a site owner’s profitability while ensuring data privacy were foundational to VueLogic’s solutions.

Prior to founding VueLogic, Ron served as Senior Vice President of Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX), where he led operations in 21 countries across 5 continents. In his role as Senior Vice President his assignments included – International CIO, President Equifax Secure, President Equifax Check Services International and Chief Operating Officers Equifax Check Services.

Ron holds a BBA degree from North Georgia College, a Juris Doctor from Woodrow Wilson College of Law and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Vanessa Kuykendall

Vanessa Kuykendall
VP of Business Development

As Director of Sales, Marketing & Merchandising at, Vanessa Kuykendall led, planned, managed, negotiated and organized deals with some of the biggest brands and retailers in the biz. Her history also includes influential roles in Marketing and Training & Development at MAC Cosmetics, Tiffany & Co. and The Body Shop.

A strategic marketing planner, she’s also an expert at cultivating and nurturing beauty industry relationships. From maximizing sell-through to increasing sales volume to record highs, she’s been there, done that. Leveraging her massive collection of contacts and established relationships, she brings the world’s prestige beauty brands and Market Defense together, creating unique opportunities to promote new strategies and drive revenue.

Vanessa rounds out her proficiencies as a savvy spokesperson, celebrity makeup artist, corporate trainer, and trend-spotter.

Stacey Annis

Stacey Annis

Relentless customer service is what makes Stacey great. Drawing on 25 years in related businesses (15 years as a successful business owner with deep insight into the salon and spa industry) she brings a determined steadiness to the wild west ways of wrestling Amazon resellers and Amazon itself. She touches nearly every aspect of our business and excels at streamlining complicated processes, so the team and clients have a champion who gets them what they need to win.

Naomi Stevens

Naomi Stevens
VP of Operations & Brand Management

As VP of Operations & Brand Management, Naomi brings a versatile list of qualifications to Market Defense. Before Market Defense, she worked 10+ years as a Scheduler and Production Analyst for a large 1,500+ employee packing plant. Her determination for “more” brought her to Market Defense.

She holds an extensive background in inventory management, data analysis and business operations. Her standards of quality, in everything she does, are inimitable. Her warm personality and dedication to success bring a personalized service to each client.

She spends her free time outdoors and loves hiking, fishing and camping with her family.

Cagney Reed

Cagney Reed
Logistics Manager

Cagney has spent the past decade working with Amazon businesses from start up to success. Having been intimately involved in creating and building Amazon Seller Central accounts to working day-by-day to optimize inventory control, ensure compliance and generate growth, he’s excited to be a part of the process of helping clients achieve their goals in the Amazon marketplace.

As Logistics Manager, Cagney’s primary focus with Market Defense is providing inventory forecasting and reconciliation. He works to ensure all product is prepped and labeled to Amazon’s standards and that it quickly and efficiently flows through Amazon’s distribution network until reaching each client’s customers.

Raised in and around the New York City area, he attended St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights before starting work in inventory control for the Met-Pro Corporation. Outside of work, he enjoys listening to music, reading, spending time with family and a good cup of coffee.

Devjeet Singh

Devjeet Singh
Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing, Devjeet strategizes, implements and monitors all marketing aspects. Before joining Market Defense, Devjeet has handled marketing for some reputed clients, including MobiKwik, JemJem, SEO Site Checkup, Mainstreet Equity and many more. With 10+ years of experience in optimization, marketing goals, conversion funnels, Amazon stores and landing pages, Devjeet has become an expert in growing sales and awareness. His passion for programmatic advertising to improve ROI of overall marketing campaigns makes him dedicated no matter how large or small the task. Devjeet holds in-depth expertise of several online marketing techniques including SEO, PPC, Social Media, affiliate marketing, online reputation management and email marketing. Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Bing Ads Accredited Professional.