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Improved sales and profit margins across ALL e-commerce platforms. Including it’s largest partner – Sephora:

“We saw a bump in all e-commerce websites including Sephora.com within 2 months of working with Market Defense.”

– Ruby Stone, Senior Key Account manager of E-Commerce @ beautyblender

Amazon sales increased 250% in 2016

After beautyblender’s broken pricing issues were fixed (in just 90 days) many new brick and mortar partners became interested in selling the brand again. Including Neiman Marcus in September 2016.

Unauthorized Resellers 85 0
MSRP/MAP Compliance 48% 94%
Duplicate Listings 62 0
Stock Outs Weekly 0

Hot Tot’s Amazon pricing, image and customer service were improved immensely.

  • Strong pricing stability
  • ZERO incorrect listings
  • Reviews UP over 150%
  • Full MAP compliance
  • Enhanced content listings
  • ZERO unauthorized resellers
  • Sales increase of 180%

“After years of various attempts at managing our ever-growing Amazon business, Market Defense has been a truly game-changing solution. Gone are the days of our moderately successful in-house management and regular let down because “trusted” partners have violated our agreements. Market Defense has become an extended part of my team and has done an exceptional job at managing all aspects of Amazon. Our pricing is stable. Our listings are accurate and correct. Our business is growing. I would strongly recommend Market Defense to any company who is serious about Amazon and looking to work smarter rather than harder.”

– Megan Gage, Hot Tot Founder

Unauthorized Resellers 14 0
MSRP/MAP Compliance 62% 100%
Duplicate Listings 13 0
Stock Outs Frequent Never

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